Yes, one word.  We promote bicycling events – races, fun rides, and a couple of brand new events that are still top secret – in California.  Today SoCal, tomorrow the world.  Or at least SoCal and NorCal.

Our events this year (so far) include:

Nine Mile Omnium (USA Cycling race)  near Ridgecrest, May 25-26.

First day is a terrific climb up and up and up Nine Mile Canyon Rd.  How far up?  I know…nine miles, right?  Not exactly.  Second day is a flat time trial.  Great training ride, with enough riding to get the job done, but done quite early Sunday so you can get home with most of the long weekend still left.

Death Valley Road Stage Race (USA Cycling race) near Big Pine,  June 23-24.

First day is the full length of Death Valley Rd, both directions.  The paved part, at least.  Nothing but UP and down.  Then more UP.  Think about “AntiGravityCycling” and it will start to make sense.  We LOVE to climb, and our rides are all about getting some elevation in your legs.  And then some more!

More tomorrow, including links to the race flyers.  ALL of our rides are great workouts whether you are a racer or a more casual cyclist.  Our support is legendary, including food and water and Hammer Nutrition products to keep you pedaling strong.  We hope you will join us!