Hey, the DVRSR is back!  Last year, we ran this race twice…the second time was to make up for the fact that the Stage 2 finish was sort of snowed out.  Really.   We didn’t cancel it or anything, we just couldn’t get to the best part of the climb.  The event runs a month later this year, and weather should be perfect.

Stage 1 starts just outside Big Pine and climbs 14 miles from under 4000′ to 7670′.  Then the fast descent into Death Valley takes you 14 miles down to 3200′.  Turn around and return to the summit and you are done.  42 miles and 8200′ of gain total.  Food and drinks at the finish.  14 miles back to your car, and no need to pedal.

Stage 2 is the fearsome Onion Valley climb.  “Only” 13 miles, but you climb one mile along the way.  Some folks like to compare the California climbs to Tour de France climbs.  Which is fine, but not exactly fair.  One thing you have to remember is that the French climbs start at much lower elevation.  Onion Valley, like all of the Eastern Sierra climbs, starts around 4000′  So you end up higher than any pavement in the history of the TdF.

If you like climbing, or amazing views, or neverending descents, you should come join us!

Here is the registration link…https://www.bikereg.com/Net/15719