The weather?  Perfect.  The climb?  Awesome.  Easy at the bottom, tougher as you go.  A little wind was the only thing separating the Nine Mile hillclimb from perfection.  Well, enough wind to make the 3/4 mile downhill section a pedal-or-fall-over section.

Well, maybe it could have been a bit longer.  And the Stage 2 TT was not exactly the most popular feature of the Nine Mile Omnium.  Fair enough.  Take 2 on the Nine Mile race will be different…better…more of the climbing you want, less of the flat TT.  No more flat TT at all, actually.  And ONE DAY.  I got some feedback from folks who did not come, saying they could do a one day race, but two days was too much.

Announcing the newest race on the calendar…the Sierra Monster!

How about some feedback on what YOU want?  What would you like to see in this race to make it JUST WHAT YOU WANT?  What will it take to get you at the start line on July 21?  That is the tentative date, and here are the details:

Sierra Monster Road Race

Start: Bottom of Nine Mile Canyon, at US395.  14 miles North of the SR14 / US395 junction.

Start Elevation: 2630′

Finish Elevation: 9240′

Distance: 53 miles, with 8700′ of climbing.

Sounds like a lot, but the course starts with the monster Nine Mile Canyon Road climb, so you get 3750′ of that out of the way in the first ten miles.  Actually, you keep on climbing until mile 16, but by mile 9 you are in the trees, and it is cooler, and from mile 10 on there are lots of rollers and false flat sections where you can recharge a bit.

The road is nice for at least the first 25 miles, which takes you to Kennedy Meadows.  After that, the road gets a little narrower, a little rougher, and the steep sections are punchy and tough, separated by shallow descents up to a mile long.  Good news, though…the Tulare Roads Department has been out there laying down a bunch of fresh pavement.  The road was closed one week ago, but open Saturday, and I think the pavement is just days old at this point.  What used to be some of the roughest pave’ anywhere is now rather plush.

Up and up and up you go, until the summit at Sherman Pass.  Nice parking lot at the summit, a concrete outhouse, and amazing scenery in every direction.

So drop me a line with what you like about this, or what you would like to see from us.