What: The Death Valley Road Stage Race, Stage 2

When: June 23-24, 2012.  Registration and check-in begins at 0600 Sunday, and closes at 0730.  Racing begins at 0800.

Where: Signin is at the Stage 2 Start, which is at the park on US395  at the South end of Independence, CA.  From Big Pine, follow US395 South for about 25 miles, through Independence, and the park will be on your right.  Last thing you see in Independence.

Stage 2: From the park at 3400′, we follow Washington St. a few blocks through Independence under neutral conditions, then we turn left onto Market St, which turns into Onion Valley Rd. FULL STOP at the turn, where racing begins.  Follow the full length of Onion Valley Road to the Finish at the 9200′ summit.  First part of the road slopes gradually uphill from the 3940′ Start, but soon you are climbing steadily.  Last Spring, we were stopped 3 1/2 miles short of the summit by weather conditions, and we missed the best part of the climb, which is the switchbacks near the top!

Stage 2 Course Notes:

* John Summerson (The Complete Guide To Climbing By Bike) says this is the hardest climb in California, and probably one of the toughest in the world.  Dang.  We mostly like any climb with…well, there are lots of neat things to see on this climb, and you will have to come along to see what all the excitement is all about!  I will say this much: the view from the summit is astonishing!

* Very fast descent back to the Start requires no pedaling at all, so it is easy to just ride back to your car in 18-20 minutes.

* There are often bugs at the Start, so we bring bug repellent.  You might want to have some too.

*We will have water and HEED at the Start, as always.

*Bathroom facilities in the park, and several campgrounds partway up the Onion Valley climb.

* Course support?  Depends on you.  We are a small outfit, so we may have a car or two, but neutral support or wheels will depend on you bringing folks along to drive.  Wheels in = wheels out anyway, and we will have a sweep car for sure.

* There is a Subway in Independence, as well as the Still Life Cafe, which is actually a rather nice French restaurant (!).

* Stage 1 results will be posted for the first time at the Stage 2 signin, and you MUST sign in.  This lets us know you are starting Stage 2, and it is your chance to protest the results if you think that there is an error.  Results become official when you sign in.  The Race Director and CR will be on hand to answer any questions about the results.  Unofficial results will be posted at the Bristlecone Motel office as soon as they are compiled Saturday afternoon.  Then we will be riding, so call me after dark if there are questions or comments, ok?

* We will be dining at Rossi’s Saturday evening around 7:00.  it isn’t even dark until 8:30 or so.  Hope you will come and join us!  Everything there is uncommonly good with an Italian twist.