If you have been to an AntiGravity Cycling event already, you know that we are a little different.  Well, I mean that we put on events that are a little …well, a little different.

First, we like road races.  Not very many of those in SoCal.  Hard to find a good course, hard to get permits, hard to afford CHP or local police.  But we like road racing.  We like climbing.  We like the Eastern Sierra and the Inyo.

Races tend to be bare-bones affairs.  Folks show up get their numbers, drag out the trainer and EZ-Up and MP3 to warm up, RACE, and then pack up and go.  Nothing wrong with that.  But we like to do a bit more than that.

For one thing, our courses tend to be kind of remote.  Off the beaten path just a bit.  We ride the roads less traveled, and sometimes we see racers at our events who live pretty close to the course…and yet they have never ridden there!

Most SoCal road races are several laps of a fairly short loop.  Makes the course a lot easier to set up, permit, staff, and control.  Sounds like a great idea to me too.  But our courses take you out farther from civilization than that.  We like to get away.  And then keep going.  This makes our races harder to operate in a lot of ways.

But we think it makes our races worth going to as well.  More tomorrow.