Lots more about “extras” when the Everest Challenge draws near, but here is one of the things we do:  neutral support at Feed Zones.  Sometimes I get emails asking if a racer can do one of our rides without a team car.  YES!  We have it covered, and will take good care of you.

At this weekend’s Death Valley Road Stage Race, we have three Feeds the first day, and a Feed and a water-and-ice-only stop the second day.  One of those is right at the Finish each day.  Water and HEED in bottles ready for handup, bananas, Hammer Gel, Endurolytes, salty snacks, bars, and a whole bunch of ice.  If it is HOT, we add a water-and-ice station the first day.

This also gives your friends, SO, or recuperating teammates a chance to get in on the act.  It is a lot more fun to be involved in the event than just watching.  We will put your friends to work!  It is pretty simple, anyone can learn in a few minutes, and is an important part of what we do.

About the course:  Death Valley Road is a strange, barren, nearly-forgotten part of history.  You will see a few cars out there, but not many.  The road is the hard way to Death Valley, with lots of sand and dirt and rocks.  We only ride the paved part, but as you look into the distance, you can appreciate how far away from civilization you really are!

Onion Valley is almost the exact opposite!  The climb starts out looking a lot like the DV Rd climb, but soon gets a whole lot greener.  And cooler.  And steeper.  A tiny stream runs along the top part of the road, and you will see some of the wild onions that gave the place its name.  You will be blown away by the view from the top, guaranteed.