The Bite Hard Boonville Road Race is a departure from our usual two- stage races in the Eastern Sierra.  One day, and North of San Francisco in the redwoods.  And the wine country.  And along PCH.  And a bunch more good stuff.

If you like road races, this may become your favorite after one ride.  Entry is ridiculously low when you look at all that you get.  Start with hot coffee and great snacks right at the Registration tables early Saturday.  Not free, but inexpensive.  We talked the nice folks at the Boonville General Store up on the race, and they are going to be there in force.  I had lunch there, and everything was terrific.  Roederer Estates bubbly for the winners in each category.  EMT sin the follow cars, Amateur Radio operators to keep track of everything and make sure everybody is OK, a bunch of extras that add up.

Camping available right at the Fairgrounds, which is where Registration happens.  Again, not free, but inexpensive.  Showers at the Fairgrounds.  That’s free.  An awesome race course that is one big loop.  Nothing wrong with doing six or eight small loops I guess, but it is much cooler to get a tour of the whole area.

Race starts in Boonville, of course, in the Anderson Valley (as in Brewing? Yep) but soon you are climbing and climbing.  Up and out you go, the eventual descent taking you to a particularly dramatic section of PCH.  Up the coast, probably a bit of a head wind, but the early start times should keep it mellow.

Once you turn inland, you climb to the Feed Zone.  Our trademark Neutral Feed awaits, with water and HEED bottles, bars, HammerGel, Endurolytes, bananas, and other goodies.  Your team can feed if you brought somebody, but we run the best everybody-gets-a-bottle-and-some-food Feed Zone anywhere.  Lots of everything, and folks to hand it to you too.  We think that’s pretty cool, and we think you are going to like being treated like a pro for a day.

At the Feed, the course splits.  Pro/1/2/3 racers head back out to PCH, then double back on 128 to Boonville.  Everybody else goes over the mountains and takes a shorter path to 128, through what JP calls the “Rollers of Death”.  Everybody goes through Boonville, past the Start, and along the first part of the course for about 2 1/2 miles to the Faulkner Park Summit Finish.

It is a tough course, but it is scenic, changing, with spots to hammer and spots to rest.  Ocean breezes, vineyards, and even more exotic scents.  There will be cool but not cold sections, and warm but not hot parts too.  And free adult beverages at the Finish.  FREE.  Turns out that Boonville is one of those places you go back to, and the Bite Hard Boonville Road Race is a good reason to make your first trip.