Hoping to have some DV photos to post soon…

Next on the AntiGravity Cycling Race Calendar?  The brand new, totally over the top BITE HARD BOONVILLE ROAD RACE, July 14.

Over the top?  ME??  Sure.  How about a nice little climb that you do twice?  Right at the beginning and again right at the end. How about vineyards and redwoods and PCH and perfect weather and more of everything?

How about hot food and coffee available at the Start?  You know “available” is a code word for “you pay for it”, right?   Nothing will be expensive, but we need our friends at the Boonville General Store to cover their costs at least.  Hit me up for a coffee at the Start, and I WILL PAY FOR IT.

How about awesome support?  The Calfee Design mechanic in the P/1/2/3 follow car, the many course marshals, the Jah Med paramedics on the course, the Osmo Nutrition staff at the Start and running the FEED?  Yes, the usual AGC Neutral Feed with bottles for all as well as food.  Your team can feed too, of course, but we will take good care of everybody on the course.

How about Roederer Estates bubbly for the category winners?  Yes, along with the usual cash prize list.  How about FREE Bite Hard Cider at the Finish?  You can buy ME one!   How about camping – uh, that would be “available camping” – right at the Start?

How about express checkin with pre-printed waivers for riders who register online?  We will have you in and out with a couple of numbers and pins FAST!  How about a cool commemorative Bite Hard Boonville Road Race number?

How about joining us July 14, for the best road race of the year?