July 14 Bite Hard Boonville Road Race.  A brand new road race!  Way Up North past San Francisco…one big loop, lots of vineyards and redwoods and PCH.  NorCal at its finest.  Ridiculously well supported, with a course that is like going to Europe and doing a local race.  Except nobody will yell at you in Flemish.

July 28 Sherman Pass Road Race.  Like the Nine Mile Omnium Stage 1, only lots more of it!  Near Pearsonville.  Nine Mile Canyon, then up and up and up some more.  One big climb at the start, then rollers to the final summit.  Two Feeds, rather remote.  When *he* says remote, it must be way out there!

August 25-26 Mt Whitney Stage Race.  An old favorite, featuring two monster climbs.  One warmup lap, then climb to the Whitney Portal.  The famously tough climb.  Followed by free BBQ at the delaCour Ranch, same as in 2010!    Stage 2 is the even longer, even harder climb to Horseshoe Meadows.  Race Director’s favorite climb! Except for the false summit…

Stay tuned for an announcement about the week of August 20-24!


September 28-30 EVEREST CHALLENGE!  The one everybody is talking about!  Big and Bad and everything you like about riding your bike, all at once!  Evolving a little bit again this year, but the same as always.  Stage 1 the same as in 2011, with South Lake first, then Pine Creek, then Rock Creek.  88 miles with the long return to the Start.  Stage 2 has the longer climb up Waucoba Canyon to make up for the lost climbing on Stage 1.  Due to the course reversal, you no longer climb out of the gorge on the return trip, so we had almost 500′ of climbing move from Stage 1 to Stage 2.  Even better support this year, featuring the best hot food at the Finish each day.

Do you know that at one point it was (hot and windy) at the Paradise Fire Station, (raining) on the Pine Creek Summit, and (snow flurries) at the Finish?  All at the same time!  I mean, where else could that even happen?  Bring your full kit for this one!