Had a couple of recent questions about the race…

“What is the course like?  Up and back or just up?”

Just up and up and up.  The best plan is probably to do the easy ride back to the General Store (@25 miles) and then we can shuttle you down the really steep section, the last ten miles down Nine Mile Canyon Rd.  Awards and lunch at the General Store anyway.

“What is the minimum number of riders to not cancel the race?”

I have not canceled a race.  Ever.  When the first rider signs up, we will race.  We have raced in rain, wind, snow.  Yeah, snow.  Sometimes we shorten the course, but it takes some extreme weather to cancel.  Lightning real close would do it.  But we would try to move the course first.

“Is there a map with the elevation profile?”


“Can I sign up the morning of the race?”

Definitely YES.