Mt. Whitney Stage Race on my mind today…

Were you there two years ago when we had the road to ourselves – literally – because the lower snow gate was not officially open yet?  A bit of extra stress for the Race Staff, but an unusual and unique situation that we managed to turn into a great time, with some help from a few friends…we will not be doing that this year!

Were you there in October when we got snow at the Finish?  They had a proper blizzard 36 hours later.  We were glad for the timing, but no snow this year…

Were you there for the FREE pasta dinner Saturday night?  We will be doing that again this year, as well as offering a free campsite to anyone who would like one.

Were you there…well, we aren’t sure what exactly we will have to write about after the 2012 edition of the Mt. Whitney Stage Race, but we will do our best to make it a memorable good time for everybody!

More about the MWSR tomorrow…here is the registration link if you would like to join us: