We hope you will join us for two days of amazing sights climbing in the Eastern Sierra.   Stage 1 is the harder of the two days, Stage 2 is a little faster, but both stages start with the same loop.  From Lone Pine Park, a little meandering through town behind a leadout car.  The course will be neutral to this point both days, up to the STOP sign at the Whitney Portal Rd. crossing.  After you STOP at the STOP sign, cross Whitney Portal onto Tuttle Creek, and racing begins.

South on Tuttle Creek to the T intersection at Lubken Canyon.  Right to another T intersection onto Horseshoe Meadows.  To another T intersection onto Whitney Portal, and you are headed East and back toward town.  It is a great, bombing descent, actually, so you will have to look out for the RIGHT onto Tuttle Creek, where the second lap begins.

Tuttle Creek to Lubken to Horseshoe Meadows the second time, just like the first lap.  This is where the two stages are different.

Stage 1 goes LEFT and up Horseshoe Meadows, past the FEED ZONE to the summit at over 10,000′.  Stage 2 goes RIGHT to Whitney Portal, then LEFT and up to the Whitney Portal parking lot at 8370′.

After Stage 1, pasta at the delaCour Ranch on Horseshoe Meadows Rd.  Results posted at the Stage 2 signin