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Stage 2 Overview:

Stage 2 starts just East of Big Pine at the intersection of CA168 and Death Valley Rd.  Yes, there is a 15 mile N-S split between the one part of 168W from Stage 1 and the other part of 168E from Stage 2.  20 minutes drive from Bishop.

NO PARKING ON 168!  We will have signs, but people always want to park there anyway.  I mean, you drive up at 7:00, hundreds of cars are there already, and the perfect parking places, right up front, are ALL EMPTY.  That *might* mean you are the only one smart enough to think about parking in front, but it actually means NO PARKING this time.

Race is again Neutral for the first 2.4 miles back to US395.  There WILL be a volunteer at the corner taking numbers, you WILL STOP at the corner, and everybody crosses 395 together.  A short distance to the right turn and you are on the Glacier Lodge climb.  At mile 13, you reach the summit, the first Feed, and back you go.  Back at 395, there is another STOP sign.  Again with the STOP.  Back to the Start, and up again.  Lots of folks stash a bottle at their car, since you come by here after each climb.

Second climb goes up Waucoba Canyon along Death Valley Rd, farther than it went in other years.  11.2 miles up officially, compared to 8.5 miles before, and somewhere in between last year.    Feed at the top, at mile 37.  Nice descent back to the Start, and then the final climb.  Watch for gravel on the descent!

UP past the 6000′ Spring Feed at mile 52, to the turn onto White Mt. Rd, to the 8000′ Feed at the Rest Area at mile 60, and finally to the Finish at 10,100′ at mile 68.

Folks that look at the distances and elevations think Stage 2 is easier.  Folks that ride both days rarely say that.

A short rant tomorrow…then more EC goodness the next day on gearing, weather, and the like.