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More EC specific rules:

First, I apologize in advance for the following content.  Most of you are always thinking before you act, paying attention to the consequences of your actions, and are our best allies in putting on our events and keeping us out of trouble.

Know that we appreciate you and your efforts.

Know that you are the reason we do this.

Know that when you sign up for one of our events, we are proud to think that you think we do a good job too.  So these comments are for a few folks that need to do a better job.

1. NO personal support vehicles, except where they are specifically allowed.  More on the exact locations in another Update.  Our permits DO NOT allow this, and the Chief Referee and the Race Director CAN AND WILL be disqualifying riders who do this.  If you have friends who want to help, we would love to find them a job at an Aid Station, or doing one of the many things that always need to be done.  There is lots to do.  But no freelancing.  The course is narrow and even dangerous in places when there are too many vehicles out there.  Dangerous to the cyclists, and none of us want that!

1.5 NO feeding from the car.  No pacing cyclists with the car.  Not for one second.  None.  Immediate DQ is guaranteed.  The permit people will lose it if this is happening.  I know you guys are good enough to pull off car feeds, but NOT AT THE EC.

2. Everybody on the course will be taking names and rider numbers and license numbers, and riders doing dumb, unsafe things will be seen and noted, and there will be consequences.  Last year the Race Director tossed several riders for their actions, even though it was not made public.  This race is precious.    We will protect it against all threats.  Help us out with this.  If you see somebody doing something dumb, illegal, or unsafe, CALL THEM ON IT.  Immediately.  Tell me at the end of the day.  You can stay anonymous, but we will fix the problem, whatever it takes.

3. The darn STOP signs.  We should go riding sometime, and you can watch to see if I really STOP.  Or driving in the RaceVan.  Yeah, I really DO STOP.  Crazy, right?  FULL STOP in the van.  Always.  It’s just what I do.  On the bike, I slow way down and usually do not unclip unless there is a light or traffic.  I don’t mean tap the brakes and get down below 20mph, folks.  I mean REALLY, REALLY SLOW.  If you can’t do that, we are going to have words.  Words like “DQ”, and “sorry…”   This is a genuine BIG DEAL with the CHP, the Inyo Roads Dept, Mono County, CalTrans, and other folks that have the authority to grant or deny permits.  No permits = no Everest Challenge.    Burn the STOP signs at home if you like.  Most folks do.  But at the EC, you really need to STOP.  And thanks.

4. Working together.  The Rulebook says riders from different fields may not work together.  Meaning different start times.  This is a difficult rule to police, and we have never spent much time trying to keep folks separated.  Just too much to do right then.  If solo riders are working together, it depends on where the riders are in their own groups.

Example 1: If a rider off the front of their own group is taking pulls from dropped riders from an earlier start, that is a problem.  If the dropped rider is taking a pull to get up the hill, it is not a problem.  If the dropped rider gets back onto a big group, we are not talking about the EC!

The EC is a tricky situation, because there are so many start groups, and there are so very few groups on the road, at least after the first climb.  Maybe the answer is to allow working together early in the race, but only there.  Once the groups break up pretty well, most everybody is riding solo.

Proposed rule: You may work together with any riders on the first climb each day.  This means UNTIL THE TURN ONTO SOUTH LAKE ONLY at mile 13 of Stage 1, and UNTIL THE GLACIER LODGE SUMMIT at mile 13 of Stage 2.  You know the TT rule for passing, right?  You have 500m to make the pass, starting when you are 12m behind, until you are 25m clear.  If you are within the “box”  ( the passing lane is 2m wide) for longer than 500m (YOU going 500m, not the other rider), you are drafting.  Check out the schedule of time penalties there.  Sliding scale based on how fast and how long the drafting happens.

How about some comments on this?  I don’t want this to be troublesome for you or me.  But it IS a rule and everything.

Speaking of RULES and RULEBOOKS, my secret sources tell me the 2013 USAC Rulebook will be very different from the 2012 book.  And a bunch shorter and simpler.  Sounds like good news to me!

More next time!!