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Some questions I get:

“What is the weather going to be like?”  Good question.  Different as the day passes, and different at 10,000′ + than at 4000′.  Folks like to say that the Eastern Sierra “makes its own weather”.  They also like to say “If you don’t like the weather right now, stick around for a bit.”  And “It snows in the ES in every month.”  Not every year, but you get the idea.

I live in SoCal at 6,000′ and I ALWAYS take at least a shell or a rain cape and gloves.  ALWAYS.  Right now it is over 95F 15 miles away in San Berdoo, but here it is (…looking at the gauge…) 62F and might rain at any time.

“What should I wear?”  Another good one.  Some folks hate to be even a little bit cool, but most racers underdress for cool weather.  So I expect that you will dress for heat and take your chances with the cold.  Mostly that works out pretty well at the EC.  If truly rough weather threatens, we expect to know in advance and will let you know.

But there was high heat in the valley, and rain at Pine Creek Summit, and even a dusting of snow at Mosquito Flat at the 2011 EC.  You had to get there early to know that.  Earlier than any racers finished.  But the Finish Line Judges got some, and the Finish Line Food crew got even more.

We recommend you bring two full kits for HOT, and for RAIN, and for COLD.  You might end up not wearing most of it, but how bitter are you going to be grinding up another chilly and wet monster climb while your rain gear is at home all nice and dry?  Hmmm?  Bring.  It.

Me?  I would wear a summer kit plus warmers top and bottom, and carry the good gloves and maybe the lightest jacket.  But that’s me.

What you will definitely want to do is pack a descent kit for the return from the Finish.  We will put your gear in the RaceVan and have it waiting for you at the Finish.  You will like that.  Unless it is hot at the Finish, of course.  It happens.

There will be HOT food and other good things at the Finish, too.  The crew from Northern Inyo Hospital will see to that.  They are going to have a full kitchen setup going, with a tent or two if it is cold, and will help you recover from the day.  We (YOU!) make a donation in their behalf to the NIH Equipment Fund in return for their support, and think that is a pretty cool arrangement.  You should know that your entry does some real good in an area that needs it.  NIH is the local hospital for quite a large area.  They got some money together to build a new wing onto the very old building, but then there was nothing left for equipment.  We (YOU!) are helping out with that.

Tomorrow, more on preparation for the EC!

But first, Lloyd Chambers has been blogging extensively about the EC, and I thought you might enjoy reading some of it.  If YOU are blogging about the EC too, drop me a link and I will compile a list so other folks can see what you have to say.