Personal Support Vehicles and Neutral Support Vehicles

PSVs are team vehicles, and NSVs are working on behalf of everybody.

PSVs are not allowed up the big climbs, but NSVs are.

PSVs are under a lot of scrutiny.  ALL of our vehicle problems have historically come from PSVs.  We have DQed riders because of the things that their PSVs have done.  Each of the last two years.  We will be very strict with the policies in the Race Rules concerning handups, following on the course, etc.

NSVs help out the race by carrying wheels, helping out riders with flats, crashes, or other trouble.  NSVs are covered by our  permits.

Are you bringing a friend to drive support for your team?   Want them to be driving a NSV instead of a PSV?   Let me know NOW, then have them check in on Friday at Registration, get the vehicle registered, attend the 7:30pm Volunteer Meeting.

And thanks!


One of our Aid Stations each day is run by (big breath here) the Bishop High School Girls Varsity Soccer Team.  They help us, we help them.  Last year, we helped them buy new team uniforms.  Top of the second climb each day!