EC! EC! EC! The big event looms. Organizing the rather large notebook of scribbled notes, ideas for things, phone numbers and websites and other contact info, and list after list after list.

It’s the lists that make the EC happen. The most important list is the VOLUNTEERS list. Somebody to put up the sign, find the tape, fill the cooler, hand up the bottle, cut the banana, post the result, check the course, sweep the area, cook the food, and a bunch of other tasks too numerous to remember all at once.

That’s why there are lists. And the notebook.And this post.

The Everest Challenge could use a little help in the way of volunteers. Generous incentives will be offered to folks who come and help! Everybody who comes to help wants to drive the front car in the Tour de France and watch the winners. Yeah, me too. But what we actually need is a little less dramatic that that.

What we need right now is a few folks to work an Aid Station / Feed Zone especially on Stage 1. Drop me an email, eh?