Fabulous Free Pasta Feast!!  **and** Finish Line Food!!

You have heard about this already, but here is some more…

This is put on by the Bishop Chamber of Commerce.  If you know about CoCs, you know that there are the members (local businesses), and there is the staff (the folks who work in the office, promoting commerce and all that involves).  So the dinner is put on by the staff, and whoever they can cajole, coerce, or con into helping from the business side.

I don’t know where you are from, but I grew up in small towns, lived in big cities for a while, and live in a small town now.  It is pretty different from big city life, that’s for sure.  In a small town, folks all pitch in and get involved with events, and the Everest Challenge is one of those events.  So you may see the Mayor, or the Chief of Police at the FFPF.  We think that’s pretty cool that they get involved with the EC.

What we will be serving at the FFPF includes mainly spaghetti and salad and bread. The nice folks at Schat’s Bakkery (yes, that is spelled correctly) are AGAIN going to be a sponsor of the FFPF, and will be providing bread and goodies!  You will want to stop at Schat’s while you are in town.  We will be picking up some bread for the Finish Line Food ourselves on Friday!

Every year we guess how much pasta to make, and this year we are going to deliberately guess a little high.  The leftovers are going to show up as part of the Finish Line Food.  Heated up, with some bread and salty things, we hope it makes you happy.  You see, due to circumstances beyond anybody’s control, the Finish Line Food staff will be kind of small this year, so we are streamlining a bit.  Now, we are famous for our Finish Line Food, and we will do our best to uphold the high standards of the last few years.  And no matter what there will be lots of food, some of it piping hot.  And hot drinks and cold drinks and fruit and Recoverite from the good folks at Hammer Nutrition.

More tomorrow!