Elevation Data

Stage 1

location                               distance      elevation

Millpond Rec Area                0                 4425′

Turn onto South Lake         13               7800′

Bishop Creek Lodge AS       15              8400′

South Lake Summit AS       20             9835′

Millpond                                    40             4425′

Round Valley School AS    46.7          4450′

Pine Creek Summit AS        54.6          7425′

Paradise Fire Station AS     70             5250′

Turn onto US 395                  76.8         7000′

Tom’s Place /

Rock Creek AS                        77.8        7100′

Mosquito Flat AS FINISH 88.4     10,250′

Stage 2

Death Valley Rd / 168             0          3940′

Glacier Lodge Summit AS   13.1       7800′

Death Valley Rd / 168           26.2      3940′

Waucoba Canyon AS             37          7050′

Death Valley Rd / 168           47.8     3940′

6000′ AS                                     52.2     6000′

Turn onto White Mt. Rd.     57.8     7250′

8000′ Rest Area AS               59.6      8000′

Schulman Grove FINISH    68       10,100′

We will be happy to take your warm clothes up to the Finish each day.  You get them into a bag with your name on them and they go in the back of the Race Van.  Weather looks to be very nice for race weekend, but 10,000′ is still pretty far up the road, so it may be cool no matter what it looks like in the valley.


Paradise Fire Prevention District

Yes, it is the local volunteer fire department.  And more.  Michael House at the PFPD is fond of pointing out that it says “Community Center and…” rather than “Fire Department and…” on the sign on the building.  We have the next to last Stage 1 Aid Station in their driveway, and they have always been welcoming.  Use the restrooms, fill your bottles from their faucet any time you are by there, that kind of thing.  We help them out a little with expenses in return, and thought you should know.

PFPD is located just above Paradise Estates, one of only two populated areas that the EC goes through.  The Old Sherwin Grade is the road through Paradise, and it was the only road through there before 1962, when US 395 was built.  As US highways goes, that’s pretty recent, actually.  Fifty years ago, if you drove North along the Eastern side of the Sierras, the drive through Paradise was just part of the trip!


More tomorrow!