Death Valley Rd. is fine.  So are all of the EC roads that I saw today.  Not every bit, but most of the race counearly at their peak at several places along the course.  And this inspires others to get outside.  Folks who are, strangely enough, NOT on bicycles.  In fact, some of them are going to be attending an organized event Saturday, 9.29.2012 in Lake Sabrina.  This is at the West end of CA168.  We turn LEFT to go to South Lake, they kep going to Sabrina.

These are the folks who sometimes stop their cars to get a photo.  In the middle of the fastest part of the course, from mile 27 to mile 37 or so.  LOOK FOR THEM, in case they are not looking for you.  You know the drill already.


Oh, and READ THE RULES already, would you?