WOW!!  Still organizing, sorting, washing, finding, sending mail, writing checks, making calls, reviewing, and counting stuff.

At some point as the EC winds down, I get to that strange place where the phone has been quiet for a few minutes…and there is no new email to answer…and the TO DO list looks the same as it did yesterday.  I actually slept a lot last night, as there was nothing frantic to do this morning.  Huh.  I popped awake with that frantic “OMG, gotta get moving” urgency.  To wash bottles?  Not exactly frantic stuff.  Strange feeling.

With all great endeavours, the aftermath includes the depressing return to *normal*.  Time to start working on the 2013 calendar, I suppose.  Normal is not nearly as much fun as the frantic rush leading up to the BIG DAY.

Oh, still working on the Tourist times.  Judges did not compile those, so tonight I hope those will posted here.  And on the facebook page:


Go there for calendar news also…or here.  Things are going to be a little different next year.  We are definitely moving the EC date.  Earlier, of course.  But how much earlier?

I carry a letter in my Official’s Kit (mostly forms and lists) written to me two years ago yesterday by a racer who you all know, and whose opinion I value very highly.  (I value ALL of your opinions…but he sent me his.  Seven suggestions.  Then there were the “oh, by the way” extras, six more.  Do send me yours, please!)

What did he say?  Things like:
Restrict the follow cars to Mosquito Flat.  Done.
Keep the Leaders Jersey.  Jersey order ran late this year, but doing that.
Show more love ($) to the Masters.  Done.  Even more next year.
The two biggest fields are 45+ and 35+.
…and some more things that we have either done or are in the works.  Not just because *he* said so, but because it was good advice.

Obviously good advice.  And he said “Move the race from September to May or June.”

WHAT DO YOU THINK?  Your opinion drives our decisions.