The EC has been held on the last weekend in September for most of the twelve editions of the race.  But the first three years, the EC was held in June.  We are looking very seriously at moving the date back to June.

Reason 1: The local calendar forces us to pick the dates based on other events.  This means that each year, we have to wait until those events have firm dates.  Sometimes – two out of the last three years – we have a date, then have to change it.  WE need a date by about November 1 to be on the SCNCA and NCNCA calendars in a timely basis.  Other events do not always have their dates until well into the new year.

Reason 2: Racers typically end their competitive season earlier than the end of September.  Sometimes folks tell us that they aren’t coming to the EC because it is so late in the year.  Lots of racers tell us that some years.  The EC isn’t *just* a race, but 80% of the entrants are racers.

Reason 3: Weather.  This is a tricky one, since we are choosing between HOT and COLD extremes.  June?  May be perfect, may be really hot.  The Eastern Sierra “makes its own weather”, as they say.  It can change very quickly, and we don’t know what the weather will be like for certain at any time of year.  In 2007 (9/22-23/2007), the EC had a LOT of cold weather, some of it frozen on the ground.  In 2010 (9/24-26/2010), it was over 100F in the valleys early in the day.  All day.  What to do?

September                                                    June

Traditional date  (+)                                Less conflict with local events (++)

Open date on racing calendar (++)    No snow  (+++)

May have another blizzard (—)          May be H.O.T. (–)


Thanks for the feedback you have already sent.  How about some more of it?  We have to decide in the next month.  WHAT DO YOU WANT?