Not that Charleston…the Mt. Charleston Hill Climb RR.

I was feeling the vacuum of NORACETHISWEEKEND, so I went out to Mt. Charleston to hang out and see one of the few climbing road races we are not putting on ourselves.  Took the big Kawasaki for a quick blast out to Las Vegas and volunteered as an extra Official.

Nice course.  17+ miles, 5375′ of climbing.  Pretty much straight up the thing, from the desert floor to the ski station.  Almost hot at the bottom, chilly by the top, but nice the whole way.  Reminded me a bit of one of ours.  Small crew doing a lot of hustling, getting it done!  HOT food at the summit, cooked up at the Ski Station. And Revelo selling belts made from old tires.  Funky + cool.

Folks, road races are the hardest events to permit, staff and run.  They are also the most fun, the most scenic, and (some are) the hardest rides.  Get out to a few each year and spread the love.


Later today:  Tourist category EC results…and A MAJOR ANNOUNCEMENT for 2013 and beyond.