Trying to transition from “catching up” to “getting ahead” here…

EC Website stuff: Totally new within the next month or so.  Overdue, right?

Fall 2012: We usually have a Fall Death Valley Road Stage Race.  I am still not “caught up” with that, so not going to happen this year.  Apologies to those of you who usually attend.

Spring 2013: Check in here every so often for announcements, as we WILL be running a few early events next year.  NEW events, since the Eastern Sierra Spring weather is hard to plan for.

Familiar races for 2013, with (likely dates):

***Death Valley Road Stage Race (May 25-26, 2013):  The usual two day adventure through the outskirts of Death Valley on Stage 1 (you will not believe the finish climb!), then Onion Valley for Stage 2.  Stage 1 is 8200′ of climbing in 42 miles with 14 miles UP, then 14 miles DOWN, then 14 harder miles UP to the summit finish.  Start is the same as the EC Stage 2 start.  Stage 2 is 5300′ in 13 miles.  Yeah, straight UP.  Truly awesome views all day, both days.  Probably hot both days, but we will escape most of it by starting early.

***Boonville Road Race (June 30 or July 6, 2013): The second day of this soon-to-be-classic road race.  Truly the best climbing road race in NorCal.  67 miles and 9000+ feet of climbing will definitely wake the legs up a bit.  Wait until you see that Finish climb!  Actually, it is the first part of the course AND the last part.  Fabulously well supported with follow cars containing medics and amateur radio volunteers.  After party at the remodeled Boonville Hotel sponsored by Bite Hard Cider.

*** Sherman Pass Road Race  (July 20 or 27, 2013): The second year of this sufferfest in the wilds of the South-Eastern Sierra.  Starting just outside Ridgecrest, SoCal’s newest climbing classic heads straight up into the pines, the course follows Nine Mile Canyon Rd. up and up and up, averaging 8% for the first ten miles.  Finish line is at the top of the Sierras, on one of the very few roads to cross the mountains!

*** Mt. Whitney Stage Race (August 24-25, 2013):  Both stages start in Lone Pine, so no travel after Stage 1!  Whitney Portal is a famous climb, and you will understand why after you climb its infamous switchbacks.  But you may not be expecting the OTHER stage to be harder.  Horseshoe Meadows will definitely get you attention!  A loop through the Alabama Hills each day gets your legs working, and gets the distance up for upgrade points!  The famous AntiGravity Pasta and Burger Feed at the DeLaCour Ranch returns as well on Saturday, so this is an event you will not want to miss.

*** Everest Challenge Stage Race (September 20-22, 2013):  The baddest climbing race anywhere, back for another edition.  You know this one, three monster climbs each day, elevations over 10,000′, all kinds of weather possible, and awesome support.  this is the one, folks!  We have been extending the Waucoba Canyon climb to try and get the elevation gain just right, and 2013 will be the exact same course as 2012.  ore on that story next time…