We do not have final details settled on any of these yet, BUT we will have some fun new events for 2013.  More details will be posted here as they evolve.  As always, your feedback is appreciated.

*** Fish Rock Gravel Grinder (Spring):  A mixed terrain ride.  When I ride it, I will let you know how the CX bike did on the gravel sections.  Well, one long gravel section.  A biggish NorCal loop with some equipment choices to make.  NOT a USAC race, but a race just the same.  Prizes, full course support, etc.  Maybe we will run this as a small event the first year as a test.

*** EverestEverestEverest RelayRelayRelay (July?  Beginning of August?):  Just what you think, the EC done with two partners as a relay.  Not a USAC race, but very much a race just the same.  Three riders, each riding one climb each day.  Stage 1:  Rider 1 starts at Millpond and heads up toward South Lake, with the other two riders acting as support crew.  ONE Feed Zone only, at Bishop Creek Lodge.  Rider 1 summits, then returns to Millpond.  Rider 2 takes over, heading through Round Valley to climb Pine Creek and return to Millpond.  NO Feed Zone.  Rider 3 heads through Round Valley to Lower Rock Creek, then to the ONE Feed Zone at Tom’s Place, and up to Mosquito Flat.  Teammates wait at Mosquito Flat, and the racing ends there.  Similar setup for Stage 2.  Gives riders a chance to ride some of the EC climbs, and gives new EC riders a preview of the course.  What do you think?

***Anderson Valley Gran Fondo (July):  Yes, a *ride*, not a *race*.  Gasp…  And why not?  We are already working hard on this one, and expect to have full details by the first of December.  More fun than ever.  You know how there are ordinary road races, and then there are the EC, and Boonville, and Mt. Whitney, and DV?  Well, we are putting on a GF that will be that much more fun than other gf rides.  BIG fun!

*** Everest Challenge Training Camp (August, the week before Mt. Whitney Stage Race)  Ride one EC climb each day (long and short options each day), hang out with your fellow racers in a relaxed atmosphere, and boost your climbing fitness and your confidence.   Guest speakers in the afternoon who are experts in various aspects of training and fitness help you train better and climb faster.

*** Four Horsemen of the Solstice (probably 6/22/2013):   Several years in the making.  What is the hardest one day ride?  Leadville?  Lotoja?  Alta Alpina?  Death Ride?  Not any more.  We already put on the hardest two-day ride, so here is the hardest one-day ride.  Probably by invitation only.  As in: you submit a resume, we try to keep you alive by not letting you do it.  Unless, you know, you really CAN.  24 hour time limit, starting at midnight.  You will need your road bike, lots of reflecting material for the wheels, crank, etc, and LOTS of lights.  Limited support, no cash prizes.  But an awesome prize if you finish.   The *sane* version is 240 miles and 26,500′ of climbing.  So 10 mph and 1100′ of climbing per hour should do it.  The *intense* version is shorter…but has 30,000′ of climbing…and some dirt.  We will put on the *sane* version in 2013 and see if anybody survives it before we even think about the *intense* version.   Anybody interested?


Yes, there are even more rides and races in the works, but those are the ones that are definitely on the calendar for 2013.

What else?  A MTB race in SoCal in July…a MTB race near Bishop…a “normal” road race in the Lone Pine area…and a couple of others that will knock your socks off!  Stay tuned…