Well…some things change, and some things stay the same.

We sure like road races, and we sure like scenic destinations.   So we don’t put on any other kind of events!  We hope you will join us for some of the best climbing road races and fun rides anywhere!

These dates are on the calendar, and waiting only for it to be December 1  so we can file the permit applications with USAC.   More details to follow on each of these, and a few more that are still in the works!

Nine Mile Omnium (3/16-17)  This will NOT be the same as the 2012 NMO.  Nothing at all in common.  In fact, it will be the Tuttle Creek Omnium, featuring two road races.  Saturday will be loops in the foothills around Lone Pine, and Sunday will be the same loops in reverse.  If you attended the 2011 or 2012 Mt Whitney Stage Race, you know the loop.  I suppose it is never too soon to point out the STOP signs.  We have to STOP for them.  On the CW loop, there are 3 each loop, and there is only 1 each loop in the CCW direction.  About 13 miles for each loop.  Naturally, there will be an uphill Finish.

Fish Rock Gravel Grinder (5/4) WOW!!!  Talk about new and different!  This is a 60+ mile long loop on mixed terrain.  Mostly asphalt, but with an extended section on gravel fire road.  What to ride?  MTB?  CX bike?  Go for speed on gravel and give up something on pavement…or go all out on pavement and hope to survive on the gravel?  Good questions, and we expect to see a variety of solutions at the Start.  Anderson Valley, one Feed Zone at the end of the gravel, lots of climbing on all surfaces, and big fun!  More to come as we test ride the course.

Death Valley Road Stage Race (5/25-26) Death Valley Road Saturday and Onion Valley Road Sunday.  Monumental climbing all day both days, and we finish early in the day Sunday so you can easily get back home in daylight.

Boonville Road Race (6/30) The best new race of 2012?  Yeah, we heard that from a lot of racers at the Finish.  Racers who were enjoying the shade at the host Boonville Hotel’s outdoor courtyard, and soaking up a Bite Hard Cider.  Compliments of our sponsors.  You really do not want to miss the second edition of this scenic climbing race North of San Francisco in the stunning Anderson Valley.


Everest Challenge RELAY (TBD)  How about some feedback on this??

Everest Challenge Training Camp (also TBD)  We may do these back to back with a package deal!  More in the next week!!


Sherman Pass Road Race (7/20) There is a funny story that goes with this one…and the punchline will be written this year, when we make it all the way up to Sherman Pass!  After 16 miles of monster climbing to get out of the high desert, rolling terrain takes you generally up to the peak of the Sierras.  This point-to-point beast has some tricky logistics, since we need to get everybody back from the summit.  So we will have a couple of vans, but we will still need a few more drivers to get all of the bikes and riders back to the start.  Of course, the ride back is nice too, and some folks will do that!  More details on the flyer December 1.

Everest Challenge Stage Race and Fun Ride (8/23-25)  Yes, circumstances have pushed us to either earlier or later than the weekend we would really prefer.  But this is our new home on the calendar.   This is the one everybody talks about, and looks forward to every year.  The toughest back to back days of climbing at altitude.   Anywhere.  Same course as 2012, including the *extra* bit up Waucoba Canyon.  This will be the permanent EC course.  Even better support, more goodies in the goody bags, more Free Friday Feast, and more of everything you love about the best road race – and fun ride – on the planet!

Mt Whitney Stage Race (9/21-22)  This was originally planned to be in August, but then we had to move the EC.  More on this in the next week.


ALL of our races are easy to do if you are self-supported, and ALL have neutral support on the course, and at the Feed Zones.  ALL Feeds feature water bottles, and HEED Electolyte drink mix, and Endurolytes electrolyte capsules, and other fine products from Hammer Nutrition, our longtime sponsor.  We use Hammer products because they work for us, and are proud to share them with you on the course.