2012 Jerseys…long story here, but the quality control process is what kept us from having these in time for the actual EC.  As in, I was not happy with the way they looked.  Two potential suppliers and several sample jerseys later – not “send me some random sample”, but “make me one of my design and we will talk once I wear it on a long ride”.

They are making the jerseys this week or next, and should be sending them soon.  I will send jerseys out that were pre-ordered ASAP.  You should see the stack of already-addressed envelopes in my living room.  It bugs me 2-3-5 times a day to see them sitting HERE instead of going THERE, by the way.

You can still get a 2012 jersey (Men’s or Women’s shapes) if you like by sending me a check for $75 including postage:

Steven Barnes

P O Box 231

Rimforest, CA 92378

Photo posted here in the next day or so.  Full zip on every jersey (for the first time).  We will also have a VERY limited supply of bib shorts.  I have been riding the sample bibs and jersey, and the bibs are still a mixed review.  Like the fabric, but no really hot rides yet.  Or any time soon, right?  And the pad feels huge when I am standing in the kitchen mixing up my secret HEED and Perpetuem mix.   But it feels fine on the road.  So who knows?   Drop me a line if you might be interested in bibs.

Actually, you can still get a 2011 or 2010 jersey, too.  2011 is all white, with the EC mountain logo in red and black.  Of course.  2010 is the old “legacy” style in white, busy with red polka dots and all kinds of other neat stuff in red. black, blue, and pretty cool if I do say so myself.

$60 for 2011 and $40 for 2010.  2010 in Men’s and Women’s shapes, 2011 in Men’s only.  YES, $40.  A totally ridiculous deal, really.  But I can’t keep looking at these jerseys for another year, ok?  A couple of EC stickers included with every jersey, too.


And yes, there will be another ALL NEW design for 2013.  Assuming I have a place to put them with all these other jerseys still here…