That’s right, folks!  At long last, the jerseys arrived Tuesday late, and were shipped out yesterday morning.  Along with a little extra something in each package to sort of make up for the long delay.

These are EURO SIZES.  If you are used to Euro, here is the conversion, according to the manufacturer:

XS = size 1

S    =  size 2

M   = size 3

L     = size 4

XL  = size 5

XXL = size 6

3XL = size 7

I shipped out what you ordered.  Having said that, your jersey may be too small.  Send it back with a note and I will get you the next larger size.  I have several extra in each size on hand.  I thought about polling everybody for Euro sizes, but there I was in the living room with all of the envelopes already addressed Tuesday night.  I just couldn’t wait any longer.

So just send it on back if it isn’t right.  No drama, no delay.

And thanks for your patience.  Pending returns, I am closing the book on the EC for 2012.