The first AntiGravity cycling event for 2013…something OLD and something NEW!

Same old awesome scenery, same old road race format, same old Eastern Sierra goodness.  Same old neutral Feed Zone with handups, too.

New course, new earlier dates, new rolling terrain instead of monster climbs.  March is too early for the usual “climb until you run out of road” approach.  But we wanted to get to racing before it was May, so here we are with a couple of rolling loops.  One for Saturday, one for Sunday.

Actually, it is the same loop both days.  In opposite directions!

This introduces a little extra complication, but not much.  Here are some details:  Both days start with a 3/4 mile neutral section that ends at a STOP sign.  Maybe you know about those red things already.  Maybe you have even seen other folks sometimes slow down as they pass those red signs.  Right?

Well, we have to STOP at the STOP signs.  It is smart and safe and legal and it helps us get a permit for the next race.  We like all of those.  And we need you to actually STOP every time.  We will have Turn Marshals at as many of them as possible, Taking numbers, and all that.  At races like ToC, Murrieta, and San Dimas, they pay a lot of $$$ for LEOs to escort the racers and have a (partially) closed course so you can rip around the course without worrying about the traffic.

If this race gets big, we might be able to do that.  But not with the 2013 budget.

When turning RIGHT, there are three STOP signs each lap.  Twelve mile laps, with the Finish about 3/4 of the way around.  So 3 laps for the shortest races gets you about 32 miles ( 2 3/4 laps, right?) and 5 laps (4 3/4) for the P/1/2/3 race for 56 miles.

When turning LEFT, only one STOP sign each lap.  But you have to turn LEFT, so watching for traffic is even more important.  Same number of laps both days, same Start, same Finish, but the partial lap is shorter going LEFT, so the distances are about 4 miles less.

Still long enough for Road Race upgrades, though.

Still a nicer place to ride than anywhere.  We hope you will come check us out!