I should know better by now.  Of course, I do not.

“FIRM DATES”, the post says.  Mocking me with the truth.  There is little that is genuinely FIRM about some of those dates, although it would be nice.  Here is the current state of affairs from AntiGravity Central:

3/16-17:  Nine Mile Omnium FIRM DATE.  This is “something old, something new” from last year’s NMO.  On the calendar at USAC and SCNCA now, and ready to roll.  http://www.BikeReg.com/17856

4/20-21: Tuttle Creek Stage Race FIRM DATE.  Totally new.  Same course both days, but in opposite directions.  In the famous Western movie sets above Lone Pine.  On both calendars and on http://www.BikeReg.com/17857

5/25-26 Death Valley Road Stage Race FIRM DATE.  Totally the same as always.  The full length of DV Rd. in both directions for Stage 1, then Onion Valley for Stage 2.  If it doesn’t snow.  Then we go as far up as we can.  Ask folks who were there that one time when it snowed.  WE RACE!  On the calendars and at http://www.BikeReg.com/17897

9/21-22 DVRSR-Fall FIRM DATE.  Stage 1 the same as in Spring, but Stage 2 NOT the same.  http://www.BikeReg.com/17898

6/29 Bite Hard Boonville Road Race *and Gran Fondo* FIRM DATE.  Yes, we are putting on a GF on the same date, and on the same course (mostly) as the Best New Road Race of 2012.  I just made that up, but if you were THERE, you know it is well deserved.  The best supported, most scenic, hardest ride with FREE Bite Hard Cider waiting for you at the Boonville Hotel once you finish.   Check it out on the blogblogblog:


Also on http://www.BikeReg.com/17899     for the race and

http://www.BikeReg.com/17900                     for the GF.

Yes, the GF is a fund raiser.  Yes, we hope you will come out and help us make this the best event EVER in NorCal.


7/20 Sherman Pass Road Race FIRM DATE.  This one should be EPIC.  I like to think they are *ALL* epic, but this one is a little harder to put on than the others.  53 miles, one way, up up up into the Eastern Sierras. Then up some more.  The Southernmost high pass through the Sierras from East to West.  Then we STOP at the pass, and that is the Finish.

And we have been gathering up some really awesome folks who are ready to help you get back DOWN.  Unless you want to ride.  Hey, mostly downhill, right?  Well, we are determined to make the return trip easy for all.  And we hope you will come out to see the BEST NEW ROAD RACE OF 2013.  http://www.BikeReg.com/17876

8/10-11 Mt Whitney Stage Race FIRM DATE.  Same as always.  Two monster climbs starting from the same spot in Lone Pine.  WOW!  BIGGER Prize List than ever…same amazing scenery…same FREE Pasta Feast at the DeLaCour Ranch Saturday afternoon, there you are. http://www.BikeReg.com/17858


FIRM DATE.  The most difficult, most fun, most climbing, most amazing, constantly changing scenery, the best support, the most and best volunteers on course, the Fabulous Free Pasta Feed, the Finisher Awards to *ALL*, and so much more.  Do the ride, get the T-Shirt, hear the stories, collapse at the Finish – smiling.  There is really nothing else like the EC.  Come and find out why!   http://www.BikeReg.com/17905


MORE TO COME STILL FOR 2013 tomorrow!