Besides hanging around shoveling snow in the off-season, putting the usual races together, and adding a few new variations, what are we up to in Winter?  Do you wonder why we don’t put on Crits?  MTB races?  Cross?  BMX?

We are hard at work making that list a little shorter.  In fact, all day Friday was spent in California City haggling, looking, kicking rocks, and driving a Jeep around in the desert.  Good Times!  We answered a lot of questions, and made a lot of plans…


Introducing the Wild & Dirty MTB Stage Races.  Yeah, Stage Races.  We like a stage race!  Short Track Cross County, gnarly Cross Country loops, and even an Endurance/Marathon Race for those who like that sort of thing.  Interested?  We are in the midst of the USAC permit process now, but we already have a course for the first event, and most of the details are READY TO GO.

Where: California City.  Outside of the city proper, out in the hills a short drive from town.

When:  June 8-9; July 27-28; September 7-8, 2013

What:  Stage Race is Short Track XC (0.6 mile loop around the Parking Area!) on Saturday afternoon (so you can get up Saturday and drive there if you like), and XC (6.5 mile loop) Sunday morning (so you can get home with time to still do some stuff).  The schedule is designed to use the cool hours of the day as much as possible.

Endurance Race is lots of those 6.5 mile XC laps, starting even earlier on Sunday.  Same course, but one day only (and no ST).

Each event will feature a different course, very well marked, very easy to follow, and VERY TOUGH!  You know what kind of riding we like…

Lodging:  Best Western is really close to the race course.

Camping: FREE, right at the Start/Finish.

Parking: LOTS of it, right at the Start/Finish.

Prize List:  Cash, lots of it, depending on how many racers show up, of course.

Support: Lots of water, drink mix, electrolytes, etc.  PIT area for the XC and Endurance Race is right there at the Start/Finish.  Races that go more than one lap will go by the Start/Finish every lap, so support is easy.

Course Medical, etc: Excellent Medical support, and full course coverage by experienced local Off-Road racers who know the area well.  Ham radios in support vehicles.

AWESOME TROPHIES for the overall Series Points Leader at the end of the three races.

There’s more, but that is the basic idea.  Interested??

Flyer and a link as soon as we get all of the USAC details in place.