Pretty simple idea, really…You can have ONE, but not BOTH.

Specifically, I mean two of the ALL NEW!  REALLY DIFFERENT!!  events I have planned for 2013.  I suppose YOU could have both…but I have been trying to squeeze events and work and my super cool 12 year old and other stuff into the really restrictive schedule that is the Julian Calendar.


It turns out that only so much can be fit into a finite number of days.


One event is the Everest Challenge Relay.  I have been thinking and plotting about this one for a while, and it is all but ready to go.  THREE riders, one climb for each rider on Saturday…one climb each on Sunday.  The two non-riding teammates are the support crew.  As fancy or as simple as you want.  Course?  Check.  Format?  Check.  Details?  Check.

Some folks have expressed interest, but we still need some more .  All it needs is some more folks who are interested in riding it.  Is that you?


The other event is one I have been working on – a little at a time – for quite a while.  The Four Horsemen of the Solstice.  I put this thing together half a dozen different ways, all of them good but…Not.  Quite.  Right.  Once I started thinking about it the right way, it all fell into place.  A few hardy souls have expressed an interest in this, the Toughest 24 Hour Ride Anywhere.  By a bunch, I think.  Again, all it needs it YOU.

Weekend: 6/22-23  Obvious choice for the Four Horses, but just as good for the Relay.

SO…What is it going to be, folks?  Yeah…I know I published a couple of posts called “Really, Truly, Set-In-Stone Dates For 2013”, but things evolve…

Anybody?  Bueller?