Yes, it is snowing right now.  Here in the San Bernardino Mountains, but NOT in Kennedy Meadows, where the Nine Mile Canyon Omnium Stage 1 Road Race finishes.

That is a mouthful, but it is THERE that matters, not HERE.  We will get out of here regardless of the weather, and we will have the Stage 1 Road Race next weekend regardless of the weather.

Yes, we will.  If it is snowing up in the mountains, we go up as far as it is safe to ride, then we stop.  We are old hands at this weather stuff.

I was up to Kennedy Meadows, and beyond, last Sunday afternoon.  Road was clear as far as 31.6 miles.  Our race goes 26+ miles up, so no problem.  Planning on another recon ride Wednesday or Thursday next week just to be sure.

Registration is still a little slow, so what are you waiting for?  If you like road racing, if you like climbing, if you like riding in the isolated forests of the Eastern Sierra, if you like two day events for the price of one, if you like SoCal Cup Points, if you like neutral Feed Zones with pro handups and hot food at the Finish, if you like cash prizes, we offer you all of that.  And maybe some stuff with little goats on it.