Tuttle Creek Road Race 4/20/2013 in Lone Pine
(shortened to one day to avoid conflict with the LA Circuit Race)
[Rolling loops in the Alabama Hills above Lone Pine. Where countless old Western movies and TV shows were filmed.]
Featuring dedicated start times for Junior Race Categories

Death Valley Road Stage Race 5/25-26/2013 Stage 1 in Big Pine, and Stage 2 in Independence
[two days of gentle to ferocious climbing…featuring the SHORTER JUNIOR COURSES both days. I hear there are over 100 Junior Racers in the SCNCA. I hear that you wish there were more road races with Junior fields. So…here you go, one week before the SCNCA Championship Road Race.]

Bite Hard Boonville Road Race 6/29/2013 in Boonville
[Way Up North…but this is the very best Road Race in NorCal, IMHO. Neutral support, loads of follow cars and gorgeous scenery…from the Anderson Valley wine country to the redwood coast up PCH to the epic hillclimb finish. Worth the trip!]

Sherman Pass Road Race 7/20/2013 in Pearsonville
[All. The. Way. Up. To. The. Top. The single longest, toughest, most deserted, highest, best scenery climb in SoCal. Period. From the high(ish) desert floor at 2500′ to the first pass through the Sierras South of Yosemite, this is the best road race in SoCal. At least, that is what the riders out at Nine Mile Canyon told me. Sherman pass is 53 miles of EPIC climbing, rollers, and giant conifer forest.]
Again, we will have dedicated Junior Course that is shorter than the adult course, and epic support.

Mt Whitney Stage Race 8/10-11/2013 in Lone Pine
[Two days of the best climbing in the US, starting at the same park both days. Featuring the famous FREE PASTA FEAST at the Delacour Ranch Saturday afternoon!]
Junior Course both days, fully supported.

Everest Challenge Stage Race (and Fun Ride) 8/23-25/2013 in Bishop
[THIS IS THE BIG ONE!! The toughest two days of racing anywhere…the most beautiful, most difficult climbing race on ANY calendar. Yes, we have had to move the dates, but everything else will be the same as always. FABULOUS FREE PASTA FEAST Friday, goodie bags with stuff you can actually use, Pro-level Neutral Support at FIFTEEN FEED ZONES, Finisher shirts and medals to ALL finishers, and lots more.
Older Juniors ride the full course both days, younger Juniors ride ONE CLIMB EACH DAY.