Maybe you caught this change already…but…here it is again anyway.


We have turned the 2-day Stage Race into a 1-day Road Race so folks could come out and do the Tuttle Creek RR and then the LA Circuit Race if they wanted to.

Does anybody plan on doing both?  Good question…I will be looking out for the answer in about four weeks or so…

Tuttle Creek is a little unusual for us here at AntiGravity cycling.  No monster hill to climb.  No extended stretches in your lowest gear, wondering if the dang thing ever ends.

And no Stage 2.  But we adapt…hope you will come out and see the loop course we have put together.  Shorter than Boulevard (with no cattle grates!), not as much climbing as Punchbowl (I know…this is AGC??!?), and way less traffic than most anywhere you ride.  About 12 miles around, with shortish distances for most fields, and rolling terrain.  Finish is on a really shallow hill, almost at the end of the lap.  So “2 laps”  is really a little less, and so on.  Has a nice bombing descent right at the end of the lap.  If you like that sort of thing.

If it looks like we will have a decent turnout, we will cook some food up in the park afterwards too.  Pasta, salad, bread, the usual…that would be Lone Pine Park, which is the Registration site and the Start line also.


Actually, this course is a SNEAK PREVIEW  of a future event.  But that is for another day…