Tuttle Creek Road Race…     https://www.bikereg.com/Net/17857

April 20, 2013  Loops around the Alabama hills above Lone Pine.

Specific Junior Start Times have been added.  I hear from Juniors and parents that they are interested in ROAD races specifically, and some promoters are cutting Junior Categories.  Not us!  We are adding them, and will have specific Junior Start Times at all AntiGravity cycling races.  We will also have shorter course options for the Men 10-12, Men 13-14, and Women 10-14 Juniors at all of our events.

If you like crits, there are lots to choose from.

If you like road races, maybe you will like this one!  Here is the flyer:

antigravitycycling presents…

Tuttle Creek Road Race

April 20, 2013

Rolling 12 mile loops through the Alabama Hills above Lone Pine, CA

Self-support…carry a tube and pump or CO2!

Sign In and START: Lone Pine Park, on US395, North end of Lone Pine

ALL USAC Rulebook rules will be enforced. Centerline Rule FULL COURSE

STOP signs at Tuttle Creek, Horseshoe Meadows, Whitney Portal WILL BE ENFORCED.

WE RACE RAIN OR SHINE! No refunds…Rollovers always OK with one week notice

ONE Neutral Feed Zone with bottle handups (HEED or water) and food

One Day USAC license (Men5, Women4 ONLY) or USAC annual license available at Check in

Register online. Entry includes $3/day USAC insurance and $1 SCNCA fee

Held under USA Cycling permit 2013-265 and Inyo County permit

Online Entry (by midnight 4/18) BikeReg fee added: https://www.bikereg.com/17857

In Person Entry (4/20) adds $10 Check in: 7:00am to 8:30am at Race Start

For more info and more races and fun rides: https://antigravitycycling.wordpress.com


Category Start Time Distance Field Limit Entry Fee Prize List

Men 4 8:30 3 laps(32 miles) 75 $41 $150/6 deep

Men 5 8:35 3 laps(32 miles) 50 $41

Women 1-4 8:40 3 laps(32 miles) 75 $31 $150/6 deep (combined)

Juniors 8:45 3 laps(32 miles) 75 $21

((Men 15-16, Men 17-18, Women 15-18))

Juniors 8:50 2 Laps(20 miles) 75 $21

((Men 10-12, Men 13-14, Women 10-14))


Men 1/2/3 11:00 5 laps(56 miles) 100 $41 $250/6 deep

Men 35+/45+ 11:05 4 laps(44 miles) 75 $41 $150/6 deep (combined)

Men 55/60/65 11:10 3 laps(32 miles) 75 $41 $150/6 deep (combined)


Categories with fewer than TWELVE riders may be combined at promoter’s discretion.

Categories racing together race for a single prize list, but are scored separately for upgrades, etc.

Results posted at Finish after each race…check your results! 15 minutes after posting, results become OFFICIAL

AWARDS ceremony at Lone Pine Park starts at 3:30. You must attend to collect a prize!!


Discounted entry for riders who bring a support person. This race only works if YOU help!!

FREE entry for Juniors if your parent/guardian/friend/brother/sibling/SO volunteers ALL DAY.

Contact us at AntiGravityCycling@gmail.com for details. Thanks in advance!!