We missed you…but you know how we are.  We had the race regardless of the turnout, and had a great time.  All of the racers on hand liked the course, the Finish Line was well placed, the loop was not too easy, and there were not too many bananas left at the end of the day.

Extra special thanks to William who came all the way from Las Vegas, Wayne from Bishop, Wes from Rosamond, and the whole gang from Eastside Velo.  If you don’t know it yet, the ESV club has an all-new Women’s Team.  I hear there are 28 of them!!  We have offered a discount to ESV members to try and get the biggest Women’s field ever out to the upcoming Death Valley Road Stage Race May 25-26.  Yes, it looms on the horizon!  We are hoping to see the biggest overall field this year, and are offering incentives!

Got teammates coming?  Incentives.

Driving an extra long way?  We will slip you some gas money.

Like to eat?  We will cook for you.

REALLY!  Tell us what would get you out to the DVRSR, and we will do it.  Nice prize list (but you have to come out…no prizes for tiny fields), breathtaking scenery at every turn, and some pretty intense climbing as well.  Upgrade points for large enough fields.

Drop me a line and tell me you are coming and want an incentive…or tell me why not, and what it would take to get you and YOUR teammates out to Death Valley.