Coming to a mountain range or two near you…May 25-26, 2013.

Stage 1: Starts just outside of tiny Big Pine, CA at the intersection of CA168 and Death Valley Road. Go up up up on DV Rd. for 14 miles, then 14 miles down the other side to the end of the pavement. You know how we are…we like to go to the end of the road. Turn around and ride back up to the summit for the Finish. Technically, you are not inside DVNP at this race, but you are surrounded by it. Truly epic last few miles before the Finish. Food and drinks await. Coast back to the cars and call it a day.
8200 feet of vertical gain in 42 miles. Kind of a lot. Probably warm too, so we start early. Feed Zones at the summit and the turn with Hammer products and other good stuff.

Stage 2: Starts at the little park at the South end of Independence, CA. This is 40 miles South of Big Pine. Neutral rollout for a few tenths of a mile to the left turn onto Onion Valley Rd. This is a beast of a climb. 13 miles of nuthin’ but UP. Gain one mile in 13, so there is your average gradient, eh? One Feed about halfway up, and lots of good things at the summit of course.

Then we put the times together from the two days and see who the prizes go to. BIG prize list, BIG climbing, BIG fun!

is the link to the BikeReg page…and here is the link to the SCNCA Calendar where you can find the flyer. Yeah, it says 2006. Whtvr.