I have been told to expect a very large Women’s field at the DVRSR.  This would be great news to any promoter, even more so for us!  What to do?  Increase the prize list, of course!

Right now the prize list is $250 for Men P/1/2/3…$150 each for Men 4, Men 35+, Men 45+, Men 55/60/65+…and Women (combined).  Flyer says that fields smaller than twelve will be combined.  Small fields are not much fun, so we try to give you somebody to ride with.

BIG fields?  That has never been a “problem” at Death Valley.  So here it goes:  WOMEN’s purse will DOUBLE if there are 15 or more racers.  And the same for any other field.  15 racers, and the purse doubles.

In the race promotion business, many of the expenses are fixed, so the cost of putting on a race does not go up very much for each additional racer.  I would like YOU to get the money back!

I also have some cool swag, including the very cool, much coveted DVRSR shirts!!  FREE DVRSR shirt to AARON L for signing up for DVRSR, Mt Whitney, AND Everest Challenge all at once.  WOW!!
FREE DVRSR shirt to the next person to sign up for the DVRSR after I post this!