Yes, we are close!  I still have a couple of beds left at the hostel.  One big room, shower down the hall, very inexpensive.  If finding a room in the Owens Valley is impossible, we have room still.  First come, first sleeping.

Registration link follows.  The Race Bible is below.  Weather should be perfect.  BOTH days.  Hope you will join us!

Death Valley Road Stage Race

Technical Guide


Breaking any of these Race Rules WILL result in forfeiture of all awards as well as any additional penalties to be determined by the USAC Head Official and

Race Director of the Death Valley Road Stage Race. We are committed to your safety, and to the continuation of the Death Valley Road Stage Race!

ALL USA Cycling rulebook rules apply. Make sure you are familiar with the rulebook if you register in a competitive category. We know the rules, and we will assume that a racer with a USAC license knows the rules. Non-USAC racers would do well to read the first chapter of the USAC Rule Book.


Online registration is available through Online registration closes at midnight, May 23, 2013, two days before the event.

Late registration is available in person on Saturday, May 25, 2013 from 6:00am – 7:30am, at the Start / Finish area at the intersection of Hwy 168 and Death Valley Road just East of Big Pine. In person registrants must pay the late registration fee of $91, payable in cash only.

No refunds will be issued for this event. Cancellations can apply their registration fee to ANY AntiGravity Cycling event entry, subject to a $10 rollover fee. If you are registered for the 2013 Death Valley Road Stage Race and are unable to ride, send an email to the race director for instructions and a copy of the rollover form.


All racers must check in with the race staff between 6:00am – 7:30am on Saturday 5/25/2013, at the Start / Finish area at the intersection of Hwy 168 and Death Valley Road just East of Big Pine, which is 15 miles South of Bishop. The CHP and Inyo County allow us to park our automobiles along the shoulders of Death Valley Road — but NOT on Hwy 168! If you park there, you WILL find a parking ticket on your windshield, and they may tow your car.

Bring your USA Cycling annual license. We will have race numbers and cue sheets, USA Cycling annual and one-day license forms, maps, and all race related information. Every rider MUST sign a waiver in person.


The Death Valley Road Stage Race is held on roads that are open to traffic, so we must share the road. Stay as far to the right as safety permits at all times. This is right out of the California Vehicle Code. When climbing, listen for cars so you can move over to allow cars to pass. Stay single-file except to pass. Riding two or three across is fine as long as you pay attention. Help us keep the locals happy, and give riders and support vehicles enough room to pass safely by staying to the right! Descents allow you to use the whole lane, as you will be going about the same speed as cars.

Only Official Vehicles are allowed to follow the racers, so family and friends are invited to apply to help out at Aid Stations or along the course. There will be a short organizational meeting at 7:30 SHARP at the Start each day. Support Vehicle drivers must fill out the SV form and display “event” signs.


The race takes place on public roads—all California Vehicle Code rules and regulations apply. This means that we have to be on our best behavior, as the CHP, CalTrans, Inyo County Roads Department, and more importantly, the public, is watching to make sure we are all following the rules we have agreed to obey. This means you! You know, ride single file on the right, no public urinating, obey the centerline rule, no foul or abusive language, etc.



One Race Number will be provided to wear on the LEFT side of the jersey, above the pockets and below the arm. Numbers are to be vertically oriented with the bottom of the number at the side seam of the jersey. The idea is for the number to be read by an observer on the side of the road when you go by in an aerodynamic position. Use the same number both days.


Stage 1: There is only one turn – a U turn at the end of the pavement. The approach to the summit is marked at 1km from the Aid Station in the outbound direction, and marked at 200m and 1km in the inbound direction. The summit in the inbound direction is the Timing Finish. You will not be racing down the hill back to the Start / Finish and your car. The Aid Station will still be set up, and you can get a snack or some water and HEED for the ride down.

Stage 2: The Start is neutral for the first 0.3 miles until the turn onto Onion Valley Rd. All riders will follow the lead car at 10-12 MPH. There are small cross streets, and Course Marshals will be stationed at each cross street to make sure that it is clear to cross. WE WILL STOP at the STOP sign at the turn onto Onion Valley Road, and turn together. The race goes live once we make the turn.



Stage 1: Use the restrooms at the gas station in Big Pine.

Stage 2: Restrooms at the park in Independence at the Start.


We provide three Aid Stations on Stage 1 and two Aid Stations on Stage 2, including the Timing Finish each day. Each Aid Station will have water, Hammer Nutrition HEED energy drink, Hammer Gel, Endurolytes (electrolyte replacement), some kind of bars, bananas, and salty foods (saltines, goldfish crackers, pretzels). Yes, we will hand up bottles and food to every racer!

It should be very easy to do this race with no support beyond the Aid Stations. You do not need a team car to have plenty of support.


Racers with support personnel may resupply, but ONLY IN FEED ZONES. You may ONLY give riders food and water handups, clothing, etc. from one of the designated Feed Zones. Only pedestrian handups are allowed, meaning no handups from vehicles. Vehicle handups violate our permits, and you WILL be disqualified for this. Feed zones are just past each Aid Station.


There will be roving neutral SAG (Service And Gear) support throughout the race. Between the wave starts and the natural tendency of the racers to spread out on the climbs, the support will be spread out too. SAG vehicles will carry spare tubes, a pump, and some tools. We will do everything possible to get you back on the road, but we cannot be everywhere. We recommend you carry at least a spare tube and a hand pump or CO2 inflater. You are expected to get back to the Start / Finish under your own power except in the case of a medical emergency or if your bicycle is not rideable.



Awards will be presented at the Onion Valley summit after Stage 2. There will be a brief awards ceremony for each class with podium photos. Bring your own umbrella girls and champagne.


Death Valley Road Stage Race will award the following:


All Starters receive the fabulous DVR Stage Race t-shirt!

All Finishers receive the commemorative DVR Stage Race medallion!




PRO/1/2/3 ……………….$250 = 80, 50, 40, 35, 25, 20

Men 35+ ………………… $150 = 50, 30, 25, 20, 15, 10

Men 45+ ……………….. $150 = 50, 30, 25, 20, 15, 10

Cat 4 …………………… $150 = 50, 30, 25, 20, 15, 10

Women PRO/1-4 ……. $150 = 50, 30, 25, 20, 15, 10

Men 55+/60+/65+ …… $150 = 50, 30, 25, 20, 15, 10


Categories may be combined due to low enrollments (twelve or less).

Prize list will be DOUBLED for any race that has at least 15 racers.