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Both stages start at Lone Pine Park aka Russell Spainhower Park, go neutral for 0.6 miles to the STOP sign at Whitney Portal Rd, then do 1 1/2 loops before beginning the featured climb.

The climbs are shown here in the correct order…we will go up to HSM Saturday, then to WP Sunday. The WP guys think there might be less traffic there on Sunday, so I told them we would do it that way.

Famous Free Pasta Feast Saturday afternoon 4:00 -6:00 at that same park.  Figure on pasta, bread, salad, and hamburgers for those so inclined.  Every time we do this, some nice person wants to “buy a ticket for a non-rider”.  No tickets, folks.  It’s food, there will be lots of it, and anybody who wants to come by and eat is welcome.  Every year there is a through hiker or somebody who just wanders in.  We think that’s pretty cool, actually.  Anybody who feels awkward about that is invited to help clean up after the party.  The rest of you will want to rest up for Sunday.

Awards are MORE AND MORE than last year.  More $$$ and more places.  We WILL NOT combine prize categories!  If there are three racers in your category, we will give out three checks.  Usually, we have to combine categories if there are small enrollments, but we have been known to give out checks ten deep in EVERY category when only one category even had ten racers.  Actually true.  Everybody except the Cat 5s and two or three Cat 4s left with a check that day.

Prize List has been INCREASED from the amounts on the USAC flyer!!  The Men P/1/2/3 is up from $400 to $500…all other categories are up from $200 to $250.  That would be Cat 4, Women, Men 35+, Men 45+, Men 55/60/65.  TEN deep in every category no matter how many or how few racers we get.

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