Here is the BikeReg Online Registration link:

Here is the USAC Race Flyer:


The Everest Challenge Stage Race is HARD.  YES, this is harder than the Death Ride or Lotoja or whatever… It involves a lot of climbing, in huge doses each time, and your bicycle will be sore after you are done.  Really.

You will  want to show up with new tires and tubes and brakes for the screaming 20 mile descents.  A new chain will save you a little time climbing because it will be so smooth and good.  Don’t ask how much a little speed costs.  It will be worth it.

You will want to be able to fix a puncture by the side of the road without any help.  Meaning you have the stuff, and you know how to do it.  I carry two tubes, CO2 and two or three cartridges, a teensy pump that somebody abandoned at a race a few years ago, and a small tool.  Travel as light as you want, but support gets spread pretty thin, and it may be a few minutes before somebody can get to you.  Oh, I would leave those ten gram miracle tubes at home too.  But that’s just me…

We have a phenomenal amount of support, both out on the course and at the Aid Stations/Feed Zones.  YES, this is a USA Cycling sanctioned competitive race with prize money and leader’s jerseys and all that.  YES, you can sign up for a Non-Competitive category instead if you just want to ride the thing.  Non-Competitive riders start first so you get as much time as possible – basically sunup to sundown.  YES, you may start super-early if you want to.  Really!  Bring lights and let us know when you are going to start.  And be ready to ride the first climb without the Aid Stations.  20 miles up and 20 miles down back to your car at least.

YES, you can do this race/ride without any help beyond what we provide.  There will be LOTS of Aid Stations both days, and we will take really good care of you.  YES, your team can hand up bottles of SuperDuperExtraSpecial whatever at most of the Feed Zones, BUT NOT AT THE SUMMITS.  YES, we will have hot food at the Finish both days.  YES, there will be Finisher Awards for ALL FINISHERS.  YES, you have to finish to get one.

YES, it has been hot the last two years.  In September.  So it may be hot this year in August.  It may STILL be cool at either 10,000 Finish, particularly on Saturday (later finish times, different exposure).  YES, we will have lots of ice and some First Aid people.


YES, you will need to STOP at the STOP signs.  You were looking for that one, right?  Nothing has changed with regard to the CA State Vehicle Code and our permits and the course that is completely open to traffic.  We will have Course Marshals with clipboards and pens and all that, writing down numbers.

YES, we can always use a few volunteers, so if you are bringing somebody anyway, do let them know.  YES, everybody wants to drive around in the car and follow the race, but we just DO NOT need more cars as much as we need some of the other tasks handled.  YES, being part of the event is actually a lot more fun than just being a spectator.

Shoot me an email……if somebody wants to volunteer!  YES, we rebate part of the entry to riders who bring a volunteer!  email me for the details, hmmm?