FReE STuFF day again…stay tuned for that!  But read the rest of the post first. hmmm?

IT has been pretty busy over here at AntiGravity Central the last couple of weeks…nothing but BUSIER on the horizon.

Hotter n Hell HillClimb this Saturday.  Tough climbing all the way up maybe the toughest climb in SoCal.  Be there…we will be!

Ontario Crit Sunday.  Yep, stripey shirts and motorsickles on Sunday.  Last Ontario Crit of the season, so the series champs will be crowned…jerseyed…framed…whtvr.

EVEREST CHALLENGE next weekend.  Should be cooler by then according to today’s forecast.  Cool in the AM, low to mid 90s during the day.  Hope you are going to join us!

Speaking of joining us, I have one or two ALL MORNING and ALL AFTERNOON volunteer slots to fill.  If you are available and not racing…if you are bringing somebody who might be able to help out…if your club is sending a few folks to support the team (and you can spare somebody), we could use a hand.

Details to those who email their interest to the usual email…  FReE STuFF for sure to folks who help out, and I mean a lot more than a shirt.  Well, AND a shirt with little goats.  Of course.

First EC Update tonight…they will follow one a day until Race Day, so stay tuned!