EC Update 0.1

Charities that YOU support, Part 0.1:
Freedom In Motion Therapeutic Riding Center, in the Hammill Valley 24 miles North of Bishop, puts kids on horses and teaches them to ride.  All kinds of kids.  It turns out that some kids don’t really socialize very well, and this can help.  Sometimes it helps a whole lot, and we think that is pretty cool.

So we help them out a little.  YOU help them out.  We just do the legwork.  THEY will be out on the course both days.  Filling your bottles, getting you ice or half a banana or some electrolytes or whatever.  Making sure you are OK.

We are proud to be a small part of what Carol and Archie Archuleta do at Freedom In Motion, and we want you to know a little bit about them and share in their success.  Thanks for helping make FIM work!

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Our Sponsors, Part 0.1:  Hammer Nutrition
When you start thinking about putting on any kind of event, one of the first questions you will ask has to be HOW ARE WE GOING TO PAY FOR ALL OF THIS?  Hammer Nutrition has been our partner at the Everest Challenge for a lot of years, and without them it would be hard to make ends meet.

For years before I got involved with the EC, I rode UltraCycling events.  100, 200 miles…200km, 300km, 40km, 600km.  I have had some nutritional problems!  Once I was eight miles from the turnaround point.  Just wasted, and I could not eat.  Eight miles from “Hey, just a hundred miles to go.”

What do you do?  Well, you learn to do a better job of staying on top of your nutrition, and you learn what works and what does not work.  Everybody is different, but I put the Hammer Nutrition products in my bottles and in my pockets.  Not because they are our best sponsor (which they are).  But because the stuff works.  It works great for me, and it works for most folks.  We will have HEED (all carbs with a little electrolyte), Endurolytes (electrolyte capsules), and some other products that are more endurance related.

As with anything, you should not try ANY new products the day of a race, especially not something as long and tough as the EC.

STOP signs:  Well, they are called that because that is where you STOP.  The CVC says so.  And the nice folks that make our permits say so, and so we say so too.  You have to STOP at the STOP signs.  Every year somebody tells me something like “Hey, I have been racing for xxx years, and I never stopped at a STOP sign in the middle of a race before.  Are you SURE?”

YES, we are sure.  And THANK YOU.

Carpooling to the EC:  At least Lee Comerford is looking for a ride in to the EC from SF.  I mean, he has gotten himself all the way here from London, AGAIN, to come ride with you.  Maybe one of you can help him get rest of the way.   Anybody else looking to carpool?  Post on the FB page, and let’s make it happen!