EC Update 0.3

A little later than I had hoped…but there it is!

Stage 2 begins outside of Big Pine, at the intersection of CA168 and Death Valley Rd (DVR) at 3940′. Park on DVR. DO NOT PARK ON CA168!! Once you see the course, it will make more sense.

You MUST sign in before Stage 2. This does two things: Lets us know you are riding Stage 2; gives you a chance to look at the Stage 1 times. Instead of the usual “15 minute protest period” you see at a one day race, a stage race has “next day sign in.”

First 2.4 miles of the course is NEUTRAL, to the STOP sign at US395. You know the drill by now: everybody coasts up to the STOP sign together and STOPS until the Turn Marshal says it is OK to cross. Run the STOP sign? Get DQ from the race immediately. Down 395 a short way to the right turn onto Crocker, which takes you up to 7800′ Glacier Lodge at mile 13.1. Aid Station at the top, turn around and back down. STOP sign at the bottom. Same as always, with Turn Marshals, local folks watching to see if you play nice or not, and the Inyo Sheriff and CHP and USFS and who knows who else waiting to see too.

Back to the Start, stop at your car (mile 26.2 of course) if you have stashed something there, then up up up on DVR, almost all the way to the top, at 7580′ (mile 39.4). Aid Station at the top, back down to the Start (mile 52.6). Again, your car awaits. Again, you will wish you had a cooler in the shade behind the wheel. Again, you turn right and go up up up, this time on CA168. 6000′ Aid Station at mile 57.0, through the one lane section, turn left to go to the White Mt summit. Up you go, past the 8000′ Aid Station at mile 64.4, and finally to the Finish at mile 72.8.

Very hard, very scenic, some places pretty steep. Again we will have hot food at the top, and GC placings will be calculated ASAP so we can give out awards quickly.

WEATHER: Looks to be cooler than folks have been expecting, not that there is anything wrong with that! NOAA calls for highs barely making it to 90F, and lows in the 50s. Almost perfect, remembering that we are going to 10,000′!

GEARING: Bring your climbing gears! Things never heard at the EC Finish include “Man, I never even needed to shift down into my lowest gear at all!” Some very fit, very fast folks fit compacts, and even MTB derailleurs and 11-28 or 11-32 cassettes are not unusual.

Tires and Tubes and Brakes: NEW is good. Worn out and blown gear is a real bummer going downhill at speed.

More tonight…