EC Update 0.4

Still trying to catch up here…

AID STATIONS:  Lots and lots of Aid stations.  SEVEN on Stage 1, PLUS your car @ Millpond at mile 40, PLUS the Famous Finish Food.  Folks ask me all the time “We don’t have a big team car.  How is it possible to ride the EC without that kind of support?”

Two parts to the answer:

1) There are LOTS of chances to get food and water along the route.  LOTS of folks with no team car – no racing team at all, actually – do the EC every year with plenty of support.

2) There are only a few places on the course where your team car can support you anyway.  Those are:
Bishop Creek Lodge AS (mile 15.0)
Millpond (back at the Start at mile 40.0)
Round Valley School AS (mile 46.7)

Paradise Fire AS (mile 70.0)
Rock Creek AS (mile 77.8)

NOT AT (secret water only AS)

NOT AT FINISH at Mosquito Flat

NOT above Bishop Creek Lodge on the South Lake climb
NOT anywhere on the Pine Creek climb
NOT anywhere on the Rock Creek climb

Stage 2 info…

Team cars MAY NOT be anywhere on the Glacier Lodge climb
Team cars MAY be on the Waucoba Canyon climb, but there are very few places to safely park.  You will need to be VERY AWARE of descending cyclists along the whole road.  Helping out at the Aid Station would be awesome, by the way!
Team cars MAY NOT be above the 8000′ Rest Area AS

LOTS of Aid Stations on Stage 2:
Glacier Lodge (mile 13.1)
YOUR CAR (mile 26.2)
Waucoba Canyon (mile 39.4)
YOUR CAR AGAIN (mile 52.6)
6000′ Spring (mile 57.0)
8000′ Rest Area (mile 64.4)
PLUS hot food at the Finish (mile 72.8)

So team cars have very little advantage over the built-in race support, except that team members can hand off directly at the Aid Stations, have special potions ready, etc.

Team cars MAY NOT be on those climbs listed above.  At all.
Team cars MAY NOT follow racers at anything that even looks like “race speed” anywhere on the course.
Team cars MAY NOT hand off anything, at any time, to anyone at all, from the vehicle, whether it is moving or stationary.
Team cars MUST stop and help any cyclist who is pulled off the road and stopped.  The team car MUST then be stopped and fully off the road also.

Every year, somebody gets their feeling badly damaged because they are caught doing something criminally unsafe, totally foolish, or at least very much against the rules.  YOU DO NOT WANT THAT TO BE YOU!

Okay.  Rant over.  For now.

HYDRATION AND NUTRITION: If you are used to racing for 30-90 minutes, you probably get by on  couple of sips of water or some kind of drink mix.  Good for you.  Not really going to work at the EC.  You need to stay up with fluid replacement AND calories.  A lot has been written about both topics by real experts, so I expect that you have seen plenty of advice already.  Here is some more…

WATER is amazing stuff.  At every one of our rides I see somebody near the top of a climb with full bottles.  NEVER GIVE WATER A FREE RIDE!  It weighs a lot in the bottles, not so much once you drink it.  The Owens River Valley is very very dry, so if you are from the desert you should be fine.  For the rest of you, you should be getting acclimated NOW.  Drink a little more than you are used to, or suffer the consequences.

FOOD is also pretty cool.  On Saturday, you are eating for Sunday.  Really.  You can tough it out Saturday on a gel and half a banana, but you will probably wake up EMPTY on Sunday morning, no matter what you do for recovery.  You should eat something along the course Saturday.  We have REAL FOOD at the Aid Stations, and a whole banana or even a PB&J might be just the thing for the long descents.  Your body is accustomed to getting some real food every day, and you will be on the bike most of the day.  Soooo…eat some food already.

More tonight!