EC Update 2.0

Nice ride this AM…only got to Westgard Pass before the crush of “the ghost of work present” and “the ghost of work future” were beating like big bongos at the inside of my head…think Charles Dickens.  So I headed down to get to it, even though the legs felt like going to the Bristlecones…hoping to get up to Glacier Lodge tonight.  I still weigh a ton…I still breathe hard just looking at a 12% ramp…but it is starting to improve…a little.

REGISTRATION IS AT MILLPOND FRIDAY 12:00 noon – 6:00pm…food at 4:00 or so…the usual PreRace meeting has been postponed until next year.

\<<YES<<\ YOU CAN STILL REGISTER!!  email me if you are the nervous type…


Just show up at the Registration and claim your spot in the baddest ride in the Eastern, Western, Madre, or whatever Sierras you’ve got.

Paradise (Community Center and) Fire Prevention District…one of the beneficiaries of YOUR generosity.  Everybody forgets the Comm. Center” part, and Fire Chief Michael House enjoys pointing that out.  Every year:
Me: “Thanks for letting us put up a couple of tables here and use the restrooms and the water and everything”
Him: (pointing at sign) “Well, it is a Community Center…and if you look at the sign, you see which one is listed first.”

Good folks, AND a reminder that in Paradise, we have to be on our best behaviour.  We are kind of in a fishbowl right there, so try to be polite to the drivers, even if they are not.  You represent all of us.  You represent ME, and I have to defend what all of you do next week.  Really.  You might be surprised at some of the things I hear about, sometimes from some pretty unlikely sources.  So do everything as if you were on TV.  And your MOM was watching, or your little sister, or whoever would make you really want to behave.  K??

Race Registration Rapid Reminder:  USAC waivers are already printed for you if you signed up online.  Bring your license.  No license, no ride.  Bring a few bux and buy some socks or last year’s jersey or something so I don’t have to figure out how in the world it will all go back in the van.