Last update??? Maybe…

Registration AT MILLPOND tomorrow 12 noon – 6PM, with food from 4:00 if you like that sort of thing.

Course has some sand on Stage 2, up Death Valley Rd, and there is some dried mud right at the Start, but looks good all the way up DV Rd and to the Bristlecones.

Registration is a little light this year, mostly due to the August date I expect.  But it should be pretty good racing just the same, and the weather could go either way at this point.  Wednesday it acted like rain and cooled off quite a bit for a few hours.  Then today it was 90+.

STOP signs…NO FOLLOW CARS on the climbs…Pay attention and look out for each other…DRINK ENOUGH and get some calories on Saturday so you aren’t a wreck on Sunday…pack something warm in case it is chilly at the Finish.  You really can’t tell ahead of time what it will be like…

Stage 1 trouble spots:  Pine Creek near the top.  Tight and kinda narrow.  STAY ON YOUR SIDE when descending and stay out of trouble.

Then at the bottom of the same descent, you have to turn LEFT.  This is a turn that sometimes folks misjudge.  It can be taken pretty fast, but I think folks get used to the descending speed, then they slow down for the turn A LITTLE and think they are barely moving.  SO they bomb into the thing at speed, get nervous and hit the brakes and get in trouble.

So slow down a little for that corner.

All for now!