Still more…

Mike Smith. More than a Motoref, and YES he really is allowed to talk to you like that. And YES, he can and will. And YES, that is him AFTER he toned it down a notch or two. You should have seen him before. YES, he operates with my full authority out on the course. Which is plenty. Did more things for more riders than anybody. There is no second.


1) Somebody started one that I was not going to keep running the EC. FALSE. The EC is alive and well, and will run in September for the foreseeable future. I plan to put on a bigger, better EC next year with even more of everything that makes it the best race anywhere. Including MORE RIDERS. Stay tuned.

2) Everest Challenge Relay for 2014. TRUE. Maybe in August, but more likely in June. Your thoughts on this?

3) World’s Toughest Double Century Series for 2014. TRUE. You can barely imagine some of the stuff that goes through my twisted brain. Losing weight this year and through the Winter so I can ride them all first. More fun, more scenic, and HARDER than all of those other DCs. A little different than what we do already, but it is all about the climbing, and that is exactly the same!

4) The first ever AGC Climbing Championship Series, featuring the Death Valley Road Stage Race (May), Bite Hard Boonville Road Race (June), Sherman Pass Road Race (July), Mt Whitney Stage Race (August), and of course the mighty Everest Challenge (September). More on that as it develops. But it will have some prizes, and be fun and things like that. For folks that like road races with mountains in them…

5) World’s Toughest One Day Ride. OH, YES!!! The funny thing is that I have two or three different courses that could each be this…maybe one each year??