SoCal Cup Points for fields with 5+ riders !!! LOTS of Points!!

2/22/2014 Registration opens at the Start at 7:00, or sign up online at…

TWO stages…ONE day
One monster climbing TT, followed by one fast circuit race.

TT is straight up Nine Mile Canyon Rd. Ten miles of harsh, desolate climbing. Then it mellows out for a few miles, then it’s a kick in the gut up to the Finish. NO FEED, but we will take your drop bag to the summit if it is cool or cold.

First rider off at 9:00:00.

YOUNGER JUNIORS will enjoy a shorter course (but still plenty tough), finishing at the County Line at mile 10.2.

Circuit Race is along the frontage road next to US395. Very FLAT, and very FAST. Unless it is windy. Well, it will still be FLAT.
18 mile out and back loops…18 miles for Men 4/5, Women, and Juniors…36 miles for Men P/1/2/3 and Masters.

First wave off at 12:00.

OMNIUM scoring means two things:
1) winners determined by placing, not time.
2) You may ride only one stage if you like, and place in the GC.

SoCal Cup Points awarded only for GC placing…but LOTS of Points on offer!